The ‘world’s strongest water gun’ is back and wetter than ever

Spyra, a company known for its electronic water guns, has announced the launch of its latest product, the SpyraThree. Priced at $179 per gun, it features an electronic firing system that can shoot people from up to 30 feet away and send water almost 50 feet when charged with a “PowerShot.” The gun refills itself by sticking the muzzle in water and pressing the trigger forward. It also includes a screen to show the battery and tank levels.

According to the company, one full battery charge can reload the tank around 100 times, with each tank holding approximately 22 water blasts of 30ml each. The battery is rechargeable through USB-C.

One unique feature of the SpyraThree is its three shooting modes, including an “open” mode without a reload time, a burst mode that fires three shots each time you pull the trigger, and a “League” mode with limited shots and a reload time, which gives access to the extra PowerShot. The company warns that using the last mode will deplete the tank quickly.

While the SpyraThree may not be for everyone, it provides more options for serious water gun enthusiasts who enjoy competitive gameplay. The product is available on the company’s website and Amazon.

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