The original picture of the spider man in two and a half crores

If the picture that accompanies this report is to be kept in one’s own collection, it will cost at least two and a half crore rupees. No, it was a little wrong. This picture has just been auctioned. The painting sold for ০০ 330,000 at a US auction. Which is close to two and a half crore rupees in Indian currency. So when you buy a new one, the price is a little higher. Thus, the new movie of ‘Spider-Man’ series is very successful at the box office. And the real work of Spider-Man’s comics page has been put up for auction by ‘Heritage Auction’. Even before this, the auction house has brought in front of various Atwork collectors of comics. How all these works reached the auction house from the publisher’s house is also a mystery. But for now, let’s forget about that mystery and talk about the auctioned film. In fact, there is a little mystery in the film. It can absolutely be called a version of the original clothing of the spider man. Much has changed since then. Rather, it can be said to be the inspiration for another comic character, Venom. Mick Jake later created the anti-hero Venom from this model. The market for comics artworks is booming now. It is sold for crores of rupees in various auction houses in Europe and America. Earlier, the first picture of the character ‘Wolverine’ was auctioned for around Rs 6 crore. It is because of this auction that the ‘grading’ of sold pictures has been introduced. The name of the grading agency is ‘Comic Book Grading Authority’. Pictures or eightworks are not auctioned without the approval of this organization. The Spider-Man film has been graded ten out of six. The higher the grading, the higher the price, no doubt. -News

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