The latest Secret Invasion trailer is a prelude to Marvel’s next great war

The latest trailer for Disney Plus’ upcoming Secret Invasion series features the return of Nick Fury, who has been scarce since the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. While much of the trailer shows previously seen footage, there are a few new moments that highlight how Fury’s absence hasn’t gone unnoticed on Earth. Skrulls loyal to Fury, such as Talos, have observed extremist Gravik using Fury’s absence to justify violent plays for true freedom on their adopted planet.

Gravik’s attacks on the public prompt Fury to return to Earth and reunite with old allies like Maria Hill and MI6’s Sonya Falsworth. However, Fury’s refusal to contact the Avengers for help appears to be one of the main reasons why the world is in so much danger. The trailer does not indicate whether the Avengers will appear in the show, but it suggests that the series will be engaging when it premieres on Disney Plus on June 21st.

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