Sravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi, getting married again?

This time the digital desk: Bollywood to Tollywood, wedding clarinet is playing everywhere. During the wedding season, many celebs were tied in seven knots. In such an atmosphere, actress Sravanti Chattopadhyay () caught the red, tuk tuk, red tuk tuk benarsi in Sindhi. Thus, the personal life of the actress is always at the center of the practice. Sometimes his political life has been practiced, sometimes his married life has been practiced. Divorce case is currently pending with her third husband Roshan Singh. Seeing her in this way raises questions in the minds of her fans. So what is the fourth time the heroine sat on the wedding pedestal! Actress Srabanti Chatterjee has been in the headlines since early 2021. She broke up with her third husband Roshan Singh. Rumors of a new relationship with one of the businessmen were echoed in Tolipara. Although the heroine calls herself single. Just then the assembly elections began to shake. Srabanti Chatterjee also contested the Ekushey election as a BJP candidate. But lose. Within a few days, the heroine left with the BJP. Allegations have been made against him that he has increased his closeness with the Trinamool Shibir. However, in the midst of all this, the question suddenly arises when the bride Luke sees Sravanti. In fact, Srabanti Chatterjee dressed up as a bride for her next film. At present, she is very busy with film work and Sravanti is working on one film after another. It is heard that at the moment, the new director Ayon Dey is busy shooting for the movie ‘Don’t be afraid’. In this film, Om Sahani is opposite Srabanti Chatterjee. Sravanti and Om will be seen in the roles of husband and wife in the film. Om will be seen on screen as Dr. Sushant. Sravanti will be seen in the role of his wife Tamsa. The story of this film will freeze after the marriage of Tamsa and Sushant. On screen, Tamsa’s relationship with actor Om’s mother Bohnishikha is not good at all. His mother-in-law started to get up to chase Tamsa. And a new mystery has been unveiled since its inception. The film ‘Don’t be afraid’ is based on such a story. Sravanti will also be seen in the movie ‘Dhappa’ with Priyanka Sarkar.

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