Pokémon Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week — but with a catch

Nintendo Switch Online is set to add Pokémon Stadium to its growing collection of Nintendo 64 classics on April 12th. Originally released in 2000, Stadium is a Pokémon game that focuses heavily on battles and features the original 151 pocket monsters.

However, there is one major drawback to this version of Stadium: players will not be able to transfer their own Pokémon to the game. Many fans of the game remember enjoying the ability to bring over their well-trained Pokémon from other games using the N64 Transfer Pak, so they could battle it out in stunning 3D graphics. Unfortunately, this feature will not be available, meaning that players will have to rely on the game’s rental teams instead. It remains to be seen whether this will be as satisfying as coaching one’s own beloved Butterfree to victory.

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Nintendo first announced the addition of Stadium to Nintendo Switch Online during its September 2022 Direct event. Along with Stadium, other N64 games like Pokémon Stadium 2, Excitebike 64, and 1080° Snowboarding were also confirmed for the service. However, playing N64 games will require users to subscribe to the more expensive expansion pack tier, although the inclusion of GoldenEye 007 may make it worth it for some fans.

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