Microsoft locks down game emulation on the Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft has recently prevented users from running game emulations on the Xbox Series X | S, citing that such activity violates Microsoft Store policy and is not supported. This decision is a U-turn from when the Xbox Series X | S was launched in 2020, where users could install and run emulation software to play classic titles from PlayStation 2, GameCube, Wii, and other consoles. However, users can still emulate games on the Xbox Series X | S if they put the device in Developer Mode, which requires payment. Reports suggest that the reason behind this ban is Nintendo, known for being strict about emulated games, except when they create and profit from them. Emulating games is not illegal, but it can be used to play games from consoles still under copyright protection without permission, leading to legal issues with Nintendo and its affiliates. While Microsoft’s rules technically do not permit emulations, the company previously turned a blind eye to such activity.

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