Microsoft Edge launches Workspaces test that lets you share browser tabs

Microsoft Edge has introduced a new feature called Workspaces that lets users save and share sets of browser tabs with others using a single link. Although similar to Edge’s Collections feature, Workspaces allows users to organize saved tabs into labeled groups and share them with colleagues, who can contribute or make changes in real-time.

To use Workspaces, users can create and name a Workspace, assign it a color, and start adding relevant tabs. They can then share the Workspace by copying the link and sending it to anyone they want to collaborate with. However, recipients will need to download Edge to view and edit the Workspaces.

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Microsoft assures users that Workspaces won’t share private information or show content outside the Workspace. Additionally, users can access previously created Workspaces from the Workspace icon at the top left of their browser. The only issue with the feature is that it opens a new window when creating a new Workspace, making it necessary to copy and paste all tabs once a Workspace is created.

Overall, Workspaces is an innovative feature that enhances collaboration and organization for Edge users.

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