Metaverse Fashion Week had big brands but few people

Metaverse Fashion Week is an event that takes place in Decentraland, a virtual world where fashion brands build virtual spaces to showcase their clothes, digital architecture, and fashion vibes. The event saw the participation of more than 60 brands, including big names like Balenciaga, Adidas, and Coach.

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However, despite the hype around the event and the big names involved, the author of the article found the experience somewhat underwhelming. They note that the virtual spaces felt more like showrooms for digital outfits rather than immersive and engaging experiences, and that the overall layout of the event felt somewhat clunky.

The author describes one of the more interesting experiences they had at Coach’s booth, where they were beamed up by a giant floating Tabby bag and transported to a psychedelic wonderland inside the bag. However, the music frequently cut out for no reason, which made the experience less engaging.

The other virtual spaces that the author visited were often quite boring and difficult to interact with, and many of the booths felt sloppy. The author also notes that there was a lot of “icky Web3 stuff,” such as posters advertising avatar clothes that could be purchased with Decentraland’s cryptocurrency, MANA.

Overall, the author found Metaverse Fashion Week to be a clunky digital space that seemed to exist more for the companies that made it than for the users that visited it. Despite the promise of the metaverse and virtual social spaces, the author was left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed by the experience.

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