Hrithik may come to Kolkata for shooting in March

This time: Trying. But I don’t believe in it. When he came to Kolkata in March to shoot his new film, there was no doubt that everyone would keep an eye on him. From the shooting location to the hotel, thinking about what could happen, has started. However, it is difficult to say when the key will change in the situation. For example, Rajinikanth was supposed to come to Kolkata to shoot a film in Corona weather. The photo became Reiki. However, the star did not reach the end, raising hopes. The first look of ‘Vikram Beda’ has been released on the hero’s birthday a few days ago. Hrithik fans have liked it a lot. Around the same time, Hrithik’s ex-wife Sujan Khan was reportedly infected with corona. This time another information has been added to it. A few days ago, Hrithik himself was attacked by Corona. He was under house arrest in a flat on Versova Link Road in Mumbai. According to a source, Hrithik has recovered. Feeling much better than before. Four days ago, his corona test report came negative. However, Sujan Khan is still not completely healthy. He is known after reading his social media posts. Before Corona, Bollywood stars have been shooting in Kolkata. For example, Ajay Devgan came for the shooting of ‘Maidan’. Aamir Khan has gone to shoot ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ again. Let’s see if Hrithik arrives at the end. Saif Ali Khan will be with him when he arrives. – Other times

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