How much does Srilekha earn from Facebook-Insta-YouTube? The actress leaked

This time the digital desk: She’s an actress, she’s YouTuber, the influencer on social media. Speaking of actress Srilekha Mitra (). When he makes a post, it goes viral at the speed of a storm. Everyday (Sreelekha Mitra) stays in the news headlines. Due to which it has become a topic of discussion for many in the industry. At least that is what the actress said. But whatever Sreelekha Mitra Mitra does is like a headline. However, from time to time he had to read the debate. He is also notorious for being outspoken. However, Srilekha calls himself a terrible ‘Kebla’. As his admirers are, the number of people slandering him is not small. But he is always positive. Incidentally, the actress has just turned positive. He lamented that he did not get a basket of fruits from the state government and said that he did not get a lemon at the door. However, he jokingly said that Srilekha deserves praise along with his sense of humor. But do you know exactly how much money the social media sensation Sreelekha Mitra earns from Facebook, YouTube? His calculations are digital at this time. Srilekha Mitra has about 2 lakh 91 thousand 339 followers on Facebook. Srilekha has over three lakh followers on Instagram. The actress has also started her own YouTube channel. Name ‘Ami Sreelekha’. There are about 92 thousand subscribers. At this time, Srilekha told Digital in this context, the one-time income from YouTube was about 1 lakh. His most watched video is Nude For The Dude. The Love Na Bite video with Shilajit also gets a lot of views. The actress turned on Monetization within 15 days of opening the YouTube channel. His income from YouTube varies from month to month. However, when there is a proportional difference between the dollar and the money, then the income of the actress is the same. Everyone knows that content creators make big money through Facebook or YouTube. Every social media has monetization options. However, the actress regrets that even though the number of her followers on Facebook and Instagram is close to three lakh, she has not turned on the Monetization option yet. In his words, “I didn’t know anything about these terrible Kabbalahs, I will still think about them.”

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