Hani Singh in Goa with Sonali Raut!

Honey Singh: He got divorced from his wife last year. But Yo Yo Honey Singh doesn’t like to be stuck with the old broken. He was recently spotted in Goa with his partner Sonali Raut. Fashion Calendar Kingfisher’s Calendar Girl is a Head Turner. The limelight is on him wherever he is. However, for the time being, it seems that they have gone to Goa not for a personal trip, but for work. Sonali Raut may be seen in any of Hani Singh’s music albums tomorrow. However, when Sonali was contacted about this, she did not speak at all. Yo Yo Honey Singh is going to make a fuss in 2022. And Sonali will continue to increase the mercury on the screen. Hani Singh became a victim of mental depression after hearing Nakoch in a very short time. He was terribly addicted to alcohol. He has become the companion of a very bad and black chapter of life. But now Hani Singh has returned to normal life. “It’s a terrible time in my life,” he said. A lot has been done for my emotional state. I became addicted to it. I couldn’t sleep, and slowly the disease overwhelmed me. It took me 3-4 months to believe that I was not healthy. It is a dark chapter in life. I urge everyone to never hide it. Especially an artist is like a mirror to the audience. If I can present it in front of all the spectators of life, why can’t I do it? ‘ Popular artist Hani Singh has shared his experiences of mental exhaustion and alcoholism. “People ask me where I’ve been missing for almost two and a half years,” he said. Then I thought we should talk about it. I was sick and now I’m fine. I remember I was slowly composing the song for Hrithik Roshan. That’s when the problem started. ‘ However, his family stood by Hani Singh. “The whole family and friends were by my side,” he said. Shah Rukh Bhai and Deepika Padukone helped me. Deepika has also seen such episodes in her life. He gave my family the number of multiple doctors in Delhi. They all prayed a lot for me. And I’m healed. ‘

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