Disney is already remaking Moana as a live-action film

Disney has announced that it’s adapting the 2016 animated hit, Moana, into a live-action film. Dwayne Johnson, who played Maui in the original movie, announced the new project in a video. According to Disney, the live-action version will also celebrate the Pacific Islanders’ islands, communities, and traditions. The plot will follow a brave young woman’s journey of self-discovery and her reflection on the lives of her ancestors. The release date for the new film has not been disclosed yet.

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Moana is just one of many animated Disney films that are being adapted into live-action versions. Some of these remakes include The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid (to be released next month). While some of these remakes haven’t lived up to their animated predecessors, they have still been profitable for Disney. It’s no wonder then, that they’re continuing to create live-action adaptations of popular animated movies like Moana.

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