Could a new PlayStation handheld be built for Remote Play? I like the idea

According to a recent report by Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming, Sony is allegedly developing a new handheld gaming device called the “Q Lite.” However, it seems that this device won’t be a successor to the PlayStation Vita as some might hope. Instead, the Q Lite is supposedly designed to work primarily with the Remote Play feature on the PlayStation 5, allowing users to stream games from their console over the internet.

Although the device can be used outside of the home, it’s worth noting that the Q Lite is not intended for cloud streaming. It appears that the device could be marketed as a peripheral for PS4 and PS5 owners, requiring a constant internet connection while gaming. The Q Lite is rumored to have an 8-inch LCD touchscreen capable of 1080p at 60fps, adaptive triggers similar to those on the PS5’s DualSense controller, and could be released sometime between 2023 and late 2024.

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While there’s no hard evidence yet of the rumored PS5 hardware refreshes, the concept of the Q Lite is intriguing as it could appeal to individuals who share a household with multiple people vying for time on the same TV. However, it’s unclear if the device will be locked into Sony’s ecosystem or if it will support rival services like Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming or Valve’s Steam Remote Play.

Sony has a proven track record of creating excellent handheld devices like the Vita and original PSP, so there’s reason to believe that the company has the expertise to make a great gaming handheld. However, the pricing question remains, and a price tag in the same range as the Steam Deck would make it less attractive to potential buyers.

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