EntertainmentCab+ roundup: Investor AI research on ethics, B2B SaaS KPIs, don’t frown on down rounds

Investors have raised expectations about the profitability and growth of SaaS since the start of the recession. As a result, it’s even more important for founders to have a firm grasp of key metrics VCs are likely to consider before saying “yes” or “no.” In his latest TC+ article, Paris Heymann (partner, Index Ventures) shares … Read more

In a sluggish market, seeded circles are a ‘ticket to try again’

For the past This year, everyone predicted that the muted exit environment and bone-dry financing market would bring a reckoning for many late-stage companies. We’ve seen layoffs and cost-cutting measures across the board as companies look to strengthen their balance sheets. And now more and more companies are raising money at lower valuations than their … Read more

Ex-Fin Capital general partner, who led the investment in Pipe, is starting a new venture

Peter Ackerson has departed from his role as general partner at fintech-focused firm Fin Capital and started a new company, Older capital. According to his LinkedIn profile, Ackerson – who joined Fin Capital in August 2019 – retired from that firm in January of this year. While his profile shows he became a general partner … Read more

Senzai uses AI optimization to direct Latin American companies to the right customers

Companies pay a lot of money to have the latest and greatest artificial intelligence tools, but when your company’s goal is not technically related, it often fails to get the full AI effect. Senzai wants to change that for companies in Latin America. Julian Lopez-Portillo and Darren Timmins co-founded the Mexico City-based company about a … Read more