Prewave rakes in $20 million as supply chain technology investments remain on VC radars

Despite the investor cautionary tale that the startup world was permeating during the economic downturn, certain startup types have been a little more insensitive to market conditions. The global supply chain has been one of the biggest industrial victims of the pandemic, so it stands to reason that companies addressing global supply chain issues would … Read more

This app, supported by Marissa Mayer and Peter Thiel, makes lyrics more expressive

“The medium is the message” is the common expression, but entrepreneur Alexis Traina believes that messages themselves – text messages, to be precise – also deserve attention. Traina is the CEO and co-founder of HiNOTE, an app that helps people create messages, on personalized backgrounds of everything from an overturned wine glass to a branded … Read more

Invesco slashes Swiggy’s valuation by half to $5.5 billion

Invesco, which led Swiggy’s previous round, has downgraded the Indian food delivery giant’s valuation of its stake to about $5.5 billion, according to a filing. This revised valuation, as of January 31, 2023, represents a striking 48.6% drop from the $10.7 billion valuation Invesco previously attributed to the startup in a funding round the Atlanta-headquartered … Read more

Why founders ‘need to keep running’

Are you a seed stage founder building a unicorn? NFX Founding Partner James Currier wants to save you some time: startups that grow into billion-dollar companies have three basic forms of resilience. Network Effects: Your product becomes more valuable as more people use it. Embedding: Integrate your services so deeply that customers can’t take them … Read more