Amazon Freevee is getting more Prime Video content

Amazon will add more than 100 Prime Video original titles to Freevee, the company’s free ad-supported streaming option, this year. That includes the first three episodes of shows like The summer I became beautiful And A competition of its ownwhich will be available on May 26.

The company is also adding the first few episodes of The terminal list And Paper girls to Freevee this month, along with all episodes of Goliath And The tick. Freevee also gets the first season of uploadthe second season of Homecoming (it already has the former), and the sci-fi movie The vast night.

Amazon says other Prime Video content, including the first seasons of Reacher, The wheel of time, and more will be available on Freevee “later this year”. Despite being broadcast on Freevee, these shows and movies are still available for ad-free streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

However, Freevee is not unique in offering premium content for free. Just as Paramount-owned Pluto TV offers previews of some of the shows on Paramount Plus, Amazon’s move to add premium content to Freevee puts it in a similar win-win situation. Not only could it encourage users to try out Prime Video, but it could also help increase viewership on Freevee, something the FAST model depends on.

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