11 ways to power up your gaming on your PS5

The PlayStation 5 offers a variety of settings and options that can enhance your gameplay experience, from managing notifications to choosing between performance and resolution modes. You can also save power on the DualSense controller by setting it to turn off after a certain amount of inactivity. Additionally, you can configure capture settings for screenshots and gameplay clips, and manage privacy settings for who can contact you on the PlayStation platform.

To avoid spoilers, you can turn on warning messages that will appear whenever someone tries to share a screenshot with you of game activity you haven’t reached yet. There’s also a feature that allows you to change the intensity of vibration and trigger effects on the DualSense controller, as well as adjust the brightness of the controller indicators.

Enabling voice commands is possible through Sony’s US and UK preview program, and you can use phrases like “Hey PlayStation” to launch games or control media playback. The PS5 can also automatically adjust the refresh rate of games for the smoothest possible performance with Variable Refresh Rate, or VRR. Finally, you can boost the text size and style of the PS5 interface through accessibility settings.

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