Top 10 Richest People In 2017 According To Forbes. Guess Where Trump Is?

The Top 10 Richest people 2017 list in the world this year is topped by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again according to the Forbes magazine. Meanwhile US President Donald Trump slipped more than 200 spots.

Here is the list.

#1. Bill Gates – $86 Billion


Gates, whose wealth is estimated at $86 billion, led the list for the fourth straight year.

#2. Warren Buffett – $75.6billion

He was followed by Berkshire Hathaway chief Warren Buffett – with an estimated wealth of $75.6billion, before a bevy of American tech giants dominated the rest of the top ten.

#3. Jeff Bezos – $72.8billion

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was number three with a net worth of $72.8billion.

#4. Amancio Ortega – $71.3billion

Amancio Ortega – Inditex fashion group founder and the richest non-American – at number four with $71.3billion,

#5. Mark Zuckerberg – $56billion

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was fifth with $56billion.

#6. Carlos Slim – $54.5billion

Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim at six with $54.5billion

#7. Larry Ellison – $52.2billion

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison came it at number seven with $52.2billion in the bank.

#8&9. Charles and David Koch – $48.3billion

, Republican mega-donors Charles and David Koch in eighth and ninth with $48.3billion.

#10. Michael Bloomberg –  $47.5billion

Michael Bloomberg rounded it out with $47.5billion

Trump’s plummet down the list to number 544 with an estimated net worth of $3.5billion was the result of $1billion being slashed from his valuation in the same list last year.

Forbes attributed Trump’s drop to sluggishness in the Manhattan real estate market which is responsible for a disproportionate amount of his wealth.

‘Forty percent of Donald Trump’s fortune is tied up in Trump Tower and eight buildings within one mile of it,’ Forbes said.


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